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Success Series: David Strauss, PetWell Partners

Apr. 6th, 2021

Today, David Strauss, Co-Founder of PetWell Partners, sheds light on PetWell Partners’ fundraising strategy, how they spotted value-unlocking opportunities, and hiring the right people for the job.
David also shares some of his key learnings from his time in the space and what he would do differently, details around PetWell Partners’ decision to be acquired by NVA, and his latest project Roo.

Topics discussed:

  • Why David believes the strategy of scaling fast and building operations after the fact is risky;
  • The value of knowing your strengths and weaknesses as a person and as a team;
  • The link between credibility and your team and why you cannot separate their importance;
  • How PetWell Partners financed their first two rounds and corporate overhead percentage;
  • Insights into how David and his partner identified opportunities to improve before purchasing;
  • Dealing with cultural baggage before the acquisition;
  • Why PetWell Partners decided to go with NVA and what’s on the horizon;
  • What David’s role looks like now that they are part of NVA;
  • Details about another one of David’s projects, Roo.

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david strauss
David Strauss
Co-Founder of PetWell Partners
ivan zak
Dr. Ivan Zak
DVM, MBA, CEO at Galaxy Vets
ryan leech
Ryan Leech
Head of Business Development at Galaxy Vets