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How Galaxy Operates

Selling your practice means letting go of your legacy and business while only collecting a paycheck. While many promise to improve upon your achievements, it’s likely to never happen.

Many groups say they improve the lives of veterinarians, but we repeatedly witness practices being acquired and later sold to bigger companies while zero effort is put into improving working conditions.

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Your Path.

Roll a part of your business into Galaxy Vets. Maintain your position as the head of the clinic, and grow your value with the rest of the Galaxy.

Become a referring partner. By sending us lab samples and referral cases, you become a co-owner of the whole Galaxy Vets veterinary healthcare system.

Become a Galaxy Vets employee. Aside from top of the market salary you will be earning equity based on the tenure with us.

Your Benefits
with Galaxy.

Practice Owners

Highest payout on the market.

A stake in a whole healthcare system.

Your team will have equity
in the whole organization as well.

Referring Partners

Opportunity to invest into veterinary healthcare system.

Refer blood work and specialty cases to the system you co-own


Top of the market earnings.

Own a part of the veterinary healthcare system.

Unite around the purpose
of burnout prevention in our industry.

Who are we?

  • Dr. Ivan Zak, CEO
    Ivan Zak

    Dr. Ivan “Zak” Zakharenkov

    Dr. Zak is a veterinarian, an entrepreneur, and a passionate advocate for the well-being of veterinary professionals.

    Twelve years as an ER vet inspired Ivan to create Smart Flow, a first-in-the-industry workflow optimization system, later acquired by Fortune 500 company IDEXX. In 2019, Ivan founded Veterinary Integration Solutions, an executive consulting firm where he helped veterinary groups systematize acquisition, integration, and improvement of practices with particular attention to burnout prevention.

    Along the way, Ivan obtained an MBA degree in International Healthcare Management with a thesis, “Implementation of lean thinking to improve the employee experience.”

  • Dean Cornwell, DVM
    Dean Cornwell
    DVM, Ph.D., Advisor

    Dean Cornwell, DVM, Ph.D., MT (ASCP)

    Dr. Cornwell received his BS in Medical Technology from Fort Hays State University in 1983. He obtained his DVM from Kansas State University (KSU) in 1990. He practiced in Kansas City from 1990 to 1991, when he entered Clinical Pathology residency and graduate school at KSU.

    He received his Ph.D. in Pathobiology from KSU in 2001. He joined IDEXX as a Clinical Pathologist in 1997 and became a clinical pathology manager in 2001.  He left IDEXX in 2020 and is working as an independent contractor and consultant for Antech Laboratories and as an advisor to Galaxy Vets. 

  • Lauren Catenacci
    Lauren Catenacci
    Ph.D., Head of People and Culture

    Lauren Catenacci, Ph.D.

    Dr. Catenacci is an organizational psychologist and leadership coach passionate about creating workplace cultures that enable all veterinary professionals to thrive.

    Lauren has a decade of experience as a trusted partner designing and implementing strategic solutions across the employee lifecycle that drive engagement and organizational effectiveness.
    She has worked with leadership teams from the military and governments to the private sector with enterprises, startups, and SMB to identify and develop the capabilities and solutions needed to navigate transformational change successfully.

  • Dr. Rory Lubold
    Rory Lubold
    DVM, Head of Specialty hospitals

    Dr. Rory Lubold

    Dr. Lubold is a veterinary entrepreneur that is passionate about improving the quality of the veterinary profession. He has been an emergency veterinarian for 11 years and founded veterinary specialty hospitals with a focus on improving the quality of medicine, engaging with teams and improving the client experience.

    Dr. Lubold has advanced training in rehabilitation and sports medicine, hemodialysis and wound management.

  • Ryan Leech
    Ryan Leech
    Head of BD

    Ryan Leech

    Ryan is an experienced business development and sales leader with a history of growing businesses through highly scalable sales models.

    As the former Director of BD of Hippo Manager, Ryan began his education in the veterinary industry learning from his family of two veterinarians and the amazing veterinary community.
    During his career, Ryan led sales for startups before starting his own sales consulting firm. His personal business was set aside for the next great idea, VIS’ Consolidator Operating Platform, and then Galaxy Vets.

  • Emmitt Nantz
    Emmitt Nantz

    Emmitt Nantz

    Emmitt Nantz has been part of the veterinary family for nearly two decades and is driven by a personal mission to make the veterinary domaine better.

    Emmitt spent 12 years working at Banfield starting out managing two different hospitals. He graduated to analytics and financial modeling before expanding his eduction from BS, MBA to include Six Sigma and Project Management. He applied these learnings by creating large scale operational improvement for the entire Banfield network with a focus on removing the barriers that prevent employee and customer happiness.

    Emmitt brings a breadth of experience and strong passion for operational improvement in veterinary hospitals to the role.

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