We are giving veterinary medicine back to veterinary professionals

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How Galaxy Vets Operates

We build Urgent Care hospitals for entrepreneurial vets

At Galaxy Vets, we offer a unique opportunity for two distinct groups of veterinary
professionals who are not just passionate about their craft but are also entrepreneurial at

  • For the Aspiring ER Entrepreneurs: Tired of the exhaustive overnight shifts in emergency care. If you’re an ER vet dreaming of starting your own practice but are wary of the demands, we provide the perfect springboard to turn your entrepreneurial aspirations into reality.
  • For General Practice Visionaries: Move beyond the routine of vaccinations and deworming.
    We seek general practice veterinarians who are ready to become the owners of a business.
    If you’re ready to transition from preventative to medicine, as you learned about in vet
    school, we are your ideal partner.
Become a part of Galaxy

Our Process


Finding the Ideal Location

We strategically select the locations by analyzing community needs and pet demographics

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Partnering with Local Vets

We partner with two local vets, integrating them as key stakeholders to uphold our commitment to medical excellence and compassionate care.

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Designing the Hospital Together

We partner with you and the architect to build your dream workplace while being best suit for – Urgent Care.

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Building Urgent Care Hospitals

We bring our experience in building hospitals while you are overlooking your dream come true!

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Launch and Operate with you

Galaxy Vets will help you launch, recruit talent, create customer demand and operate the hospital.

Multiple Roles, Multiple Opportunities


Join the ranks of the new veterinary co-op with equity ownership.

Unlock True Potential in Your Vet Career