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Consolidate That!

Season 3 is Live Now

Hosted by Dr. Ivan Zak and Ryan Leech, Consolidate That! focuses on critical corporate topics in the veterinary business. The episodes center on improving clinical care, customer and employee experience, combining proven processes with modern technology, and ways to expand shareholder value using clear performance metrics.

What people say about us

This Podcast is a Breath of Fresh Air!
I listened to the “Outlook for the future: evolution for consolidation” episode and it was quite intriguing! Before listening, I didn’t know or pay much attention to the veterinary industry. I was completely unaware of how demanding the field can be as well as how ignored the burnout rates are…
A Great Podcast for Veterinary Professionals!
If you are interested in the business side of the veterinary world, this podcast is for you. I listened to Ep 25, where hosts Ryan Leech and Dr. Ivan Zak interviewed the CEO of CityVet, David Boguslawski. This fairly concise, but impactful, episode discusses…
Jerome Shaw
Great guests who dive deep on good topics!
Listened to episode “Evolution of Consolidation in the Vet Sector”. Enjoy the humor and banter between you two! Great chemistry and timing. In this pod, we are joined by Richard Blann. Learned a lot about the veterinary domain…