Special Episode

Special – Piece of the Pie: Incentivizing Veterinarians Through Partnership

1h 5min
Aug. 31st, 2021

In our special episode of the Consolidate That!, Dr. Beth Davidow, Clinical Assistant Professor at Washington State University, and Dr. Karen Felsted, CPA, Founder and consultant at PantheraT, join Dr. Ivan Zak to discuss the evolution of partnership models and how sellers can get the best terms for themselves and their employees.

Topics discussed:

  • Different partnership models and their pros and cons
  • Ways to increase practice valuation
  • When it’s a good time to sell a practice
  • Things you have to ask the buyer
  • What effect does acquisition have on the team

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beth daviodow
Dr. Beth Davidow
k felsted
Dr. Karen Felsted
ivan zak
Dr. Ivan Zak
DVM, MBA, CEO at Galaxy Vets