Episode 6

Quarterly Planning NASA Style

21 min
Jan. 19th, 2021

Our speakers, Dr. Ivan Zak and Ryan Leech discuss how methodologies from Traction, SAFe and Agile can be combined to help drive quarterly planning in veterinary consolidator businesses.

Topics discussed:

  • Approach to strategic planning at VIS;
  • Importance of quarterly planning meetings for interdepartmental collaboration;
  • Identifying interdepartmental dependencies to align efforts towards goals and objectives;
  • An online whiteboarding tool that helps organizing quarterly plans;
  • Vertical cascading of goals down the four levels of the enterprise;
  • Definition of Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) and SAFe methodologies;
  • Level-10 meetings to track progress;
  • How to make all the departments aware of the initiatives kicked off in a particular quarter.

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ivan zak
Dr. Ivan Zak
DVM, MBA, CEO at Galaxy Vets
ryan leech
Ryan Leech
Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships at Digitail