Episode 16

Employee Ownership in Veterinary Consolidation

Aug. 2nd, 2022

The Founder of the National Center for Employee Ownership, Corey Rosen, Ph.D., and author of tax code 1042 joins Ivan and Ryan to uncover the benefits of ESOP for employees and business owners as an exit strategy.

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Topics discussed:

  • What is an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)?
  • The only Employee Owned company in veterinary consolidation
  • Employee ownership in the veterinary domain
  • Ways to share ownership
  • Barriers for employee ownership in the veterinary business

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corey rosen
Corey Rosen
Founder of the National Center for Employee Ownership
ivan zak
Dr. Ivan Zak
DVM, MBA, CEO at Galaxy Vets
ryan leech
Ryan Leech
Head of Business Development at Galaxy Vets