Episode 7

Culture Integration: What an Englishman learned in Chinese Clinics

33 min
Jan. 26th, 2021

This week on the Consolidate That! Ivan and Ryan are joined by Dr. Thom Jenkins, CEO & Co-founder of PetsApp, to discuss cultural assessment methods and cultural integration.

Topics discussed:

  • Understanding your corporate culture;
  • Core value misalignment and its effect on burnout;
  • Business owners’ responsibility in culture creation;
  • What to measure in your Cultural Assessment;
  • Consolidator’s advice on how to communicate with your team during the sales process;
  • Why to use an employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) across the existing business.

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thom jenkins
Dr. Thom Jenkins
Co-founder and CEO of PetsApp
ivan zak
Dr. Ivan Zak
DVM, MBA, CEO at Galaxy Vets
ryan leech
Ryan Leech
Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships at Digitail