Episode 3

Cultural Integration Concept

Feb. 14th, 2023

Ryan Leech and Dr. Ivan Zak continue to explore employee ownership.
Shannon Gervais, Head of People Operations at Galaxy Vets, joins them this week to discuss this new concept in the veterinary industry, uncover the components of cultural integration stages at Galaxy Vets, and explain the importance of understanding business fundamentals on all levels of an organization.

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Topics discussed:

  • Cultural integration steps
  • Establishing an owner’s mindset
  • What does it mean to be a shareholder in Galaxy Vets

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shannon gervais
Shannon Gervais, RVT
Head of People Operations at Galaxy Vets
ivan zak
Dr. Ivan Zak
DVM, MBA, CEO at Galaxy Vets
ryan leech
Ryan Leech
Head of Business Development at Galaxy Vets