2022 Burnout And Work-Life Balance Study by Galaxy Vets

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The Emotional Toll of Financial Stress, Work Environment, and Euthanasia

Galaxy Vets begins its third annual burnout survey titled, “The Emotional Toll of Financial Stress, Work Environment, and Euthanasia.” Led by Dr. Ivan Zak, CEO of Galaxy Vets, the continuing research aims to measure and compare the burnout rates with the previous years and find insights into the significant factors driving professional fulfillment or contributing to work exhaustion and interpersonal disengagement. This year’s survey includes some open-ended questions to capture even more opinions from the industry.

An ER veterinarian who experienced severe burnout and found a new passion in entrepreneurship, Dr. Ivan Zak is committed to developing solutions that can address burnout on a systemic level. He began his studies in 2020 with an MBA thesis, “Implementation of Lean Thinking in Healthcare Organizations to Improve the Employee Experience.” In his dissertation, Dr. Zak suggested that lean thinking principles proposed by John Toussaint for human healthcare can be an effective way to prevent burnout among veterinary professionals. He continued his research and in 2021, discovered that veterinary professionals who have goals reported significantly less burnout and feel happier and more valued than those who did not.

The 2022 survey uses the same methodology from the previous years — the Brief Instrument to Assess Both Burnout and Professional Fulfillment in Physicians (PFI) that measures professional fulfillment (intrinsic positive reward derived from work) and burnout (work exhaustion and interpersonal disengagement), allowing for data comparison with an additional set of questions to further investigate the relationship between burnout and the work environment, compensation, and euthanasia.

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