As “The Great Resignation” is accelerating in the veterinary industry and burnout levels are as high as ever, the question arises: are we in a workforce or workplace crisis?

Today, more and more employers are introducing programs to support mental health and provide resources for self-care. Many practice leaders claim they prioritize the happiness of their teams. But how can you measure your success at delivering on these commitments? How do you know if you are really giving people what they want? It is becoming increasingly clear that the emotional well-being of your staff should be as important a metric as the financial performance of your clinic. After all, you can’t improve something that you don’t measure.

Watch our live webinar, “Measuring to Improve: A Data-Driven Approach to Employee Well-Being,” recorded on Tuesday, June 14, at 1 p.m. ET!

Putting theory into practice can be challenging, especially when you have never taken a structured approach to collecting feedback. We will talk about ways to measure and promote employee satisfaction, some common mistakes businesses make when collecting feedback and how to avoid them, and why never hearing your employees complain can be a huge problem.

In more detail, the webinar will cover:

  • Getting people’s insights through an initial assessment
  • Employee rewards and recognition: the surprising drivers of motivation
  • Practical methodologies to measure and promote employee satisfaction
  • Improving employee autonomy to boost well-being and engagement
  • Continuous feedback vs. performance reviews

This webinar will be of interest to veterinary practice owners and managers who would like to explore tools and frameworks to improve employee retention and build a people-first culture. It will also benefit veterinary team members by providing practical tips on how to talk openly about their challenges at work, constructive ways to exchange feedback with management and colleagues, and create more professional autonomy.

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Host & Speakers

ivan zak
Dr. Ivan Zak
DVM, MBA, CEO at Galaxy Vets
Rebecca Rose, CVT
Rebecca Rose, CVT
Lap of Love Veterinary Outreach Specialist
Dr. Thom Jenkins
Dr. Thom Jenkins
Co-founder and CEO of PetsApp

Measuring To Improve: A Data-Driven Approach To Employee Well-Being

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