So you’re thinking of selling your veterinary practice – now what?

Selling your clinic can be extremely rewarding if you take the right approach.
Galaxy Vets will take your practice to the next level with employee ownership.

What We Offer

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Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Galaxy Vets offers the opportunity to become an equity shareholder in our entire healthcare system to everyone on your team.


Burnout Prevention by Design

We are committed to providing access to care for pets when and where they need it while supporting the mental health and well-being of our healthcare teams.

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Continued Gains

We offer a part-cash, part-equity roll-over mechanism that will reward you handsomely right now and will likely outperform any valuation you can get.

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Employee Stability

An ESOP creates greater financial security for employees, builds community wealth, and provides a retirement benefit at no cost to the staff.

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Supporting Infrastructure

We handle back-office services, including finance, accounting, legal, HR, payroll, and marketing.

What Drives Galaxy Vets?

We asked practice owners why
they joined Galaxy Vets.

Dr. Peter Pelissier

Dr. Peter Pelissier

I’ve decided to partner with Galaxy Vets because it allowed me to take a reasonable amount of equity from the practice sale, as well as have an ownership stake in the parent company. As a passionate advocate for our industry, I believe that Galaxy Vets is helping to make a change by putting our staff’s mental health and well-being first and foremost.

Dr. Jeff Smith

Dr. Jeff Smith

Galaxy’s buyout/ownership model gave me financial security and a stake in a bigger game than my small practice. Most of all, it brings ownership to all my staff and ensures that the culture of family we have built will endure.

Let Us Learn More About Your Practice

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