Galaxy Vets Foundation non-profit launched

Meet the Galaxy Vets Foundation
Alex Balabanov
Head of Marketing

We launched a non-profit arm called Galaxy Vets Foundation on April 21, 2022. Its mission is to improve access to care for underserved communities, prevent economic euthanasia, and provide animal disaster and humanitarian response solutions.

Ukraine is my motherland. We want to aid the best way we know how – helping animals.

Dr. Ivan Zak, CEO of Galaxy Vets

With our deep ties to Ukraine, we decided to expedite & prioritize our efforts in Ukraine. We’re now raising funds and collecting supplies to deliver to the areas in greatest need. There are three ways to help:

  • financially
  • donating supplies
  • volunteering telehealth services

In the last 24 hours, over 40 volunteers signed up! This response is very heart-warming, and we work hard to launch our telehealth solution with these volunteers as soon as possible. If you feel that our mission is close to your heart, consider joining our cause!

Join the Galaxy Vets Foundation

If you or your company has a collaboration or a custom donation idea, please reach out to Andrew Ciccolini, Galaxy Vets Foundation Director at [email protected].

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